Hotwire ‘Million Dollar Sale’ : 5 Star Luxury in Las Vegas for 50$ a Night

I don’t often come across crazy good travel deals but when I do, I like to shout them out from the top of the roof so we can all do more of what we love: travel!

And this is what this post is: a megaphone to you let you know about the incredible deal Hotwire is offering right now: the ‘Million Dollar Sale’, offering luxury Las Vegas hotel rooms for $50 a night for travel between 8-28 December 2017.

Too good to be true? I know, it sounds like it. But I have done my research and I got some info about the company and the deal that put it all in context. Here is all you need to know about Hotwire and their Million Dollar Sale.

Table of Contents

  • What is Hotwire?
  • How does it work?
  • About the Million Dollar Sale
  • How to book with Hotwire

What is Hotwire?

First things first: what is Hotwire?

Hotwire is a leading online travel site offering discounted rates on airline seats, hotel rooms and rental cars.

They launched in 2000 as an operating company of Expedia and since then they have partnered up with thousands of hotels, airlines and car rental companies to offer travellers highly discounted rates on the suppliers remaining inventory.

How does it work?

Hotwire deals like this one in Las Vegas are called ‘hot rates’ and work like this.

When you book one of the Hotwire deals, you get all you need to know about the hotel you are going to, except its name.

So you won’t know exactly what hotel you will be staying at but you will know all the important details such as the nightly rate, location, neighborhood, hotel amenities, star rating , etc.

On top of this, you get access to hotel reviews from HotWire customers and from Trip Advisor, and to be honest: once you have that info, is the hotel name so important? For me, it isn’t.

As a family, we love spending time in the US but the airfare from Europe always puts a significant dent in our budget: finding cheap accommodation is for us paramount and being flexible usually makes a difference between travelling at all or stay home. A deal like this means we can extend our US stay for a few more days and we could treat ourselves to a hotel otherwise outside out of our reach: not bad at all!

This hotel anonymity is at the core of the offer. It allows HotWire to partner with premium brands who don’t ordinarily offer discount pricing and it’s a gain for both sides: the brand gets to fill otherwise empty rooms and you can treat yourself to a bit of luxury for a fraction of the price.

About the Million Dollar Sale

Hotel Sale

With the Million Dollar Sale, Hotwire brings its already amazing deals to the next level. According to Hotwire President Neha Parikh, Hotwire is ‘a different kind of travel site, a different kind of company’ and with this sales it wants to  to show the incredible value their deals really are.

Therefore, they are investing 1 Million dollars to lower their already low rates  and offer $50 five-star hotel rates in Las Vegas hotels usually retailing at over 400$ a night!

This incredible sale brings luxury to those who want to take a break during the often stressful holidays season but cannot afford this type of expense and there is only one catch: the sale will remain in place until the company has hit the million-dollar spend so you have to be fast!

How to book with Hotwire

These incredible rated are good for travel between Dec. 8-28, 2017 and you can get hold of one from the Hotwire site.

Here is how:

  1. Go onto the Hotwire website
  2. Select destination ‘Las Vegas’ and enter travel dates between Dec 8-28.
  3. Use the filters at the top of the page and select 5 star hotels: the page will load many options and you will see the full list of available rooms
  4. Select the one you like the most for location and amenities
  5. Click ‘book now’ and start packing!

Please note: this amazing deal applies to 2 night stays and operates like the other Hotwire deals so the name of the hotel won’t be revealed. Some terms and conditions apply (that’s standard, always check the small print and specific hotel policies) but possible extra charges show in your basket before purchase so even if you have some extras, you will know exactly what you are paying before you click ‘buy’ and will have no surprises.


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